Transfer the Principal permission level to another user

Only one person in your practice can have the Principal permission level. Take these steps to transfer the Principal permission level to a new person.

  1. Check that the person taking over the Principal permission level is already a Xero user in your practice. If not, invite them as a staff member into your practice from the Staff tab.
  2. Add the staff member as an Adviser to all organisations in your practice. Ensure that the staff member has Manage Users access to all organisations.
  3. The current Principal must contact us with the new Principal's name and email address, and ask to transfer the Principal permission level to the new staff member (use the Contact Xero Support button at the bottom of any Help page). We'll provide confirmation once the transfer is complete.
  4. If you want to change your practice organisation, contact Xero Support.
  5. After the transfer has been confirmed, if the former Principal is leaving the firm, remove their access to your practice's organisations then remove them as a staff member.