Payroll Admin role (for Xero's Pay Run feature)

If you use Pay Run and you are the subscriber, or you have both Payroll Admin and Manage Users access, you can give and remove other users' access to Pay Run.

Get Payroll Admin access

Payroll Admin access is only available in Xero Business Edition, for users who have a Standard or Adviser user role.

  • When adding a pay run for the first time. Xero prompts you to become a payroll administrator when you first add a pay run

    Image showing how to add payroll admin access if Standard user or Adviser with Manage users option and running first pay run.

  • Adding or editing a Standard or Adviser user role. Under Settings, select Users and select the Payroll Admin checkbox to turn on payroll options for your employees so they can manage your payroll. You also need to select the Manage Users checkbox to change settings.

    • If you clear the Payroll Admin checkbox for a specific employee, they can view some pay totals in reports or Accounts Payable (if their role allows it) but they can't access employee contact information or pay run details.
    • If you clear the Payroll Admin checkbox for all users, existing pay run information is kept but no user in the organisation can view them.