View expense claims and receipts you have submitted

View your submitted expense claims and their status in the approval process.

View your submitted expense claims

  1. In the Accounts menu, select Expense Claims.
  2. Click the Previous Claims tab.

    Previous claims for Expenses tab.

  3. Click a claim to open it.
  4. Click the receipt to view it.

    Image of a receipt that has been submitted for approval.

List of previous claims

Under the list of expense claims, in the Previous Claims tab, you can see all the expense claims you've submitted. Here are descriptions of some of the details you can view:

  • Status - shows where your claim is in the approval process.
  • Payment Date - the date entered into Xero for when you can expect payment for the claim. This will be blank if the claim hasn't been approved.
  • Receipts - the number of receipts attached to the claim.
  • Claim Total - the total of all receipts you submitted in that expense claim.
  • Approved Total - the total that has been authorised to pay back to you.