View and approve expense claims

If you have approver status in Xero Expenses, you can view, approve or decline expenses for employees in Xero, or using our iOS and Android app for Expenses.

Access to the new Xero Expenses feature is currently restricted to a selection of businesses in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and USA. It'll be more widely available soon.
  1. In the Accounts menu, select New Expenses or to view expense claims entered into Xero prior to September 2017, select Classic Expense Claims.
  2. Select To review, To pay or All expenses to review expense claims by status and totals in each type.

    Expenses automatically sort by those most recently changed or actioned. You can also sort expenses by employee name.

  3. Click on any expense line to see more detail.
  4. (Optional) To action any of the expenses as you view them, click:

    • Edit in the Click the menu icon and select Edit. menu to update the expense details. Then click Save.
    • Approve or Approve all to move the expense through to Awaiting payment. You can pay this outside of Expense Claims section, within the Bills feature of Xero.
    • Decline in the Click the menu icon and select Decline. menu and add a note with the reason to reject the expense and return it to the submitter.

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