New Expense Claims

With the new Xero Expense Claims feature, employees can capture receipts and submit claims for their work expenses with iOS and Android devices. Authorised approvers can also use mobile devices to review and approve expense claims, or log in to Xero to manage, pay and report on them.

The new Xero Expense Claims feature is currently being tested by a selection of businesses in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and USA. It'll be more widely available soon.

Before starting

How it works

  • There are 3 primary user roles:
  • Submitters create, view and manage their own expenses.
  • Approvers create, view and manage their own expenses as well as expenses for other employees.
  • Read-only users view everyone else’s expenses but cannot take any actions.
  • Administrators with Approver status can:
  • Create, view, edit, approve and decline expenses in one place.
  • Process payments for employee expenses by bank file, direct deposit or cheque.
  • Generate expense analytics and reports by employee, expense code and date range.
  • Employees with Submitter status can:
  • Capture, submit and view expenses with their iOS or Android mobile.
  • By enabling the new Xero Expense Claims feature, you are allowing a trusted third-party to convert your scanned receipt into text.

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