Edit a paid invoice

Edit a customer invoice that's been partially or fully paid. If it's a repeating invoice, only the current transaction changes. You can delete or void the invoice template to stop all future repeats.

What you can do

  • Edit the account if the new account's tax rate is the same. Otherwise, you'll have to first remove any payments, credit notes, prepayments or overpayments to edit the invoice.
  • Edit fields that don't affect the invoice total, such as the contact, due date, reference, description or tracking.
  • You'll have to make sales tax adjustments using a different method.
Talk to your accountant or bookkeeper if you're unsure about editing a paid invoice.

Edit your paid invoice

  1. Find and open your paid or partly paid invoice. Use search if you know the contact's name, or invoice amount.
  2. Remove any payments, credit notes, prepayments and overpayments:
  3. (Optional) If you've deleted a prepayment or overpayment, open the invoice again.
  4. Click Invoice Options, then select Edit.
  5. Make your changes to the invoice.
  6. (Optional) Click Preview to check your invoice.

    Image showing preview link.

  7. Click Update.