Stripe and Apple Pay

When you add Stripe as a payment service, Apple Pay is automatically added as a payment option for online invoices. You can accept Apple Pay in Xero if you have a Stripe account in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, or US.

Who can pay with Apple Pay?

You can accept Apple Pay payments from customers in Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK, and US who have already set up Apple Pay on their devices.

The option to pay with Apple Pay won't be available on the outstanding bills screen.


Apple Pay is supported by Stripe in Xero. Stripe charges the same rate for processing Apple Pay transactions as for all other credit and debit card transactions. There is no additional fee from Apple for Apple Pay transactions.


Reconcile your Apple Pay payments as you would any other Stripe payment.

Reconcile your Stripe payments

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