Why is my customer's online invoice missing the Pay Now button?

If your invoice is missing the payment button, use these troubleshooting reasons to solve the problem.

The invoice is in draft status

The Pay Now button doesn't display for draft invoices. Once you approve the invoice, the Pay Now button will appear.

Your payment service 

Check whether you've applied the payment service to a branding theme, and used that branding theme when sending the invoice.

The payment account isn't a bank account and the invoice uses multi-currency

If the payment account you selected when setting up your payment service is a non-bank account, the invoice being paid needs to be in your organisation's base currency. For a multi-currency invoice, the payment account must be a bank account set up with the relevant currency.

The currencies don't match

Check if the invoice currency, the currency of the bank account the payment is being paid to, and your organisation's base currency are all different.

For the Pay Now button to display, either the currency of the bank account or the currency of the invoice must match your base currency.

If you're using Authorize.Net or eWAY, the invoice currency must match the currency selected for the payment service applied to the invoice branding theme.

Choose the currency for an invoice