Troubleshooting for Authorize.Net

If you're having trouble setting up Authorize.Net as a payment service in Xero or need help with your credentials, use this page to resolve the issue.

Why am I getting an MD5 hash error when I try to add my Authorize.Net account?

Check whether the MD5 hash you entered in Xero matches the MD5 hash value in your Authorize.Net account. It should have no more than 20 characters, since Authorize.Net has a 20-character limit for the MD5 hash.

What is the MD5 Hash Security feature, and how does it work? (Authorize.Net website)

How do I check whether my Authorize.Net credentials are still valid?

Even if you entered the correct information, the transaction key or MD5 hash may have been reset in Authorize.Net since you added your payment account to Xero. Authorize.Net doesn't allow lookups, so any time you or someone in your organisation needs to access the transaction key or MD5 hash, it must be reset.

To check whether your credentials are still valid:

  1. Go to Settings, then click General Settings.
  2. Under Connect, select Payment Services.
  3. Find the payment service you want to edit. Click Edit, then click Service details.

    Image of the Active Payment Services and Edit > Service details.

  4. Click Save.
  5. You'll see an error message if any items are incorrect. Update the incorrect fields, then click Save.