Update your practice contact details, logo or practice profile

Update your practice profile settings and set up your optional public profile to promote your practice on online invoices.

You need Practice Administrator or Principal permissions to access Profile Settings.

About your practice's public profile

If you make your practice profile public, you can promote your practice through online invoices and quotes. The following details will show in the footer of your online invoices:

  • The description of your practice
  • Your practice's email address and website
  • Phone, fax and any social media links you've added

Online invoice showing footer with practice description, social media links, services provided.

Update your practice's basic details, profile information and logo

  1. From the header, click the list icon Image showing the list icon, then select My Xero.

  2. On the Settings menu, select Practice Settings.

  3. Enter or update your basic information and logo and contact details.

  4. (Optional) Select the checkbox next to Public Profile to show a business profile on your online invoices and quotes.

  5. (Optional) If you select the Public Profile checkbox, select the Public checkbox next to the practice details you want to include in your public profile.

  6. Your Legal / Trading Name and Logo, if you've uploaded one, will appear on your public profile automatically.
  7. Click Save.

Basic information and logo

  • Display name and Legal / Trading Name (required)

    The Display name is the name you'll see in Xero. It will also appear on the Help menu inside Xero for your clients. The display name will be your practice's contact name if you send invoices from Xero to Xero.

    If you're setting up a bank feed, you should use this name when asked to provide the 'organisation name'.

    The Legal / Trading Name is the name that will appear by default on:

    • Financial reports
    • Your outgoing invoices and quotes
    If you want a different name to appear on invoices you can change your contact address details on transactions using a branding theme.

    Either name can be up to 225 characters in length. The display name will be truncated if it doesn't fit on the dashboard or in the top navigation bar of every Xero screen. In reports, the practice name will always show in full, no matter how long it is.

    If you change the display or legal/trading name in Xero, it will update any new reports you have saved or published. Older style published and draft reports will retain the original legal/trading name.

  • Logo

    Upload a logo for your practice's profile. For best results, use a square image.

    You need to upload your logo elsewhere to add your logo to invoices or display your logo on reports.
  • Organisation type

    The default type is Company. Select another option from the dropdown list if appropriate.

  • Practice description

    A description of your practice for your practice profile. Enter up to 400 characters.

Contact details

  • Physical address

    Physical address look up showing found address and map

    Enter the details of your physical address. If you enter an address here, you can use DOCX templates to display it on invoices and quotes. If you use the address look up to find your address it will be geocoded, and you'll be able to display a map link to your premises in online invoices.

  • Postal address

    (Optional) Your postal address will appear on invoices using a standard invoice branding theme (regardless of your public profile settings).

    You can change your address for invoices using invoice settings if you need to, or remove it altogether.

    You can copy the details from your physical address to your postal address, or you can enter the details manually.

    If you leave the postal address blank, nothing will display in an invoice footer.

  • Telephone

    (Optional) The number you enter here will appear in your practice profile.

  • Email

    (Optional) The email address you enter here will appear in your practice profile.

  • Website

    (Optional) The website you enter here will appear in your practice profile.

  • Add contact field

    (Optional) Click Add contact field to add any of the following fields to your profile:

    • Mobile
    • Fax
    • DDI
    • Skype
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Google+

    The details you enter in any of these fields will appear in your practice profile.

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