View organisations you have access to in My Xero

Use My Xero to view and manage all the organisations you have access to under your login. These may be organisations you've added yourself, or organisations others have invited you into. My Xero also displays subscription information for your organisations.

If My Xero has green tabs instead of blue, this means you are using Xero Partner Edition, or have been invited into a practice that's using it. My Xero still works the same, but you have Practice Administrator and Principal permissions, things are slightly different.

My Xero home

From the header click the list icon Image showing the list icon, then select My Xero.

If you're:

  • Logging in for the first time and haven't accepted any Xero invitations, your organisation list is blank - just the Xero demo company displays.
  • A staff member for a practice using Xero Partner Edition, you'll only see the organisations you've been invited into and not others that belong to your practice.

With your list of organisations you can:

  • Change the sort order by organisation name or last viewed.
  • Filter and go directly to an organisation by typing part of the organisation's name in the search box
  • Click on an organisation's name to go to either its:
    • Dashboard, or
    • Setup wizard (to the step you were last at) - you'll see a progress bar if you're still setting up this organisation.

      Progress bar

  • View your user role in an organisation in the Access column.
  • View how many unreconciled items an organisation has so you can reconcile them.
  • View subscriber and pricing plan information:
    • If you're the subscriber, click Info to see your billing account.
    • If you aren't the subscriber, click on the name to see the subscriber's contact details.

You can also quickly get to any of the last 5 organisations you've visited by clicking the list icon at the top left of every screen:

My Xero menu