Create a batch payment

Add a batch payment to group multiple bills into one payment transaction, then export the batch file to pay it from your bank account. You'll need the Standard, Adviser or Invoice Only user role to add a batch payment.

Before you start

  • Make sure your bank account number is correct in Xero:
    • Xero uses this number to determine the format of the export file.
    • Xero will include your bank account in the export file if your bank requires.
  • Check the bank payment date, bank account name, and batch payment details are correct:
    • Xero accepts weekend payment dates, but your bank may not. You'll need to check this with your bank.
    • If you've entered your supplier's bank account name in their contact details, Xero includes this in some export files.
    • For some banks, the supplier's bank account name you enter must be identical to the payee's bank account name.

      Entering batch payment financial details

Create a batch payment for only a few bills first, so you're sure it works for your bank.

Troubleshooting for batch payments

Create a batch payment

  1. On the Accounts menu, select Purchases.
  2. Click the Awaiting Payment tab.
  3. Select the bills you want to pay.

  4. Click Batch Payment (or if you have a Canadian organisation, click Make Payment).

    Image of multiple bills selected on the Awaiting Payment tab with the Batch Payment button.

  5. Click OK (or if you have a Canadian organisation, click Batch Payment).
  6. Enter the details in the batch payment fields, then click Make Payments.
  7. Export the payment file and upload it to your bank.

    You don't need to export a batch payment file if you enabled automatic bill payments while setting up a direct feed online for DBS (Singapore). Xero automatically uploads these files to your bank account when you enable bill payments.

Each paid bill shows on the Paid tab of the Bills screen. If the payment was made from a bank account, the transaction shows in the account's transaction list.

If you're paying several bills from the same supplier, they display separately in the batch payment in Xero, but are combined in the export file, so your supplier receives a single payment and reference. Xero might shorten or remove some batch payment details so the file works correctly.

If your supplier needs to see individual reference numbers for bills paid in the batch, you can email a remittance advice, which will include these details.