Check a reminder's status and history

Check to see if a reminder was sent for an invoice. If it wasn't, check the history to find out why.

Xero sends reminders every day between 4am and 8am, based on your organisation's time zone. The time that you turn reminders on and off affects when they go out.

Check a reminder's status

Check the status of each invoice reminder in the Reminders column.

  1. In the Accounts menu, select Sales.
  2. Click the Awaiting Payment panel.
  3. You'll see the each invoice status in the Reminders column.

    Image showing reminders statuses.

The Reminders column updates every time a reminder is scheduled - they're not in 'real time’. So if you edit an invoice, you’ll see the updated status only when Xero tries to send the next reminder.

  • [number] sent
  • The number of scheduled reminders sent for the invoice, with some remaining to go out.

  • All sent
  • All scheduled reminders were sent for the invoice.

  • Amount too small
  • The invoice amount was smaller than the limit entered when setting up reminders, so the reminder wasn't sent.

  • Email missing
  • The customer email address is missing from your contacts and the reminder wasn't sent.

    Click the customer's name if you want to check and update the address.

    Update a contact's details

  • Invoice not sent
  • The reminder didn’t go out as the invoice wasn't marked as sent.

    Even if a reminder wasn’t sent, you can mark the invoice as sent to turn reminders on for the invoice from that point.

    Mark an invoice as sent

  • Turned off
  • The last time Xero tried to send a reminder for the invoice, reminders were turned off for the customer or invoice.

View an invoice's reminder history

Check an individual invoice's reminder history.

  1. In the Accounts menu, select Sales.
  2. Click the Awaiting Payment panel.
  3. Open the invoice you want to check reminders for. You'll see the current reminder status under History & Notes.
  4. Click Show History to see the reminder status details. You’ll see the date and time that each reminder was scheduled or was sent.

    Image showing history and notes for an invoice.