Mark an inventory item as inactive

You can mark an inventory item as inactive if you no longer use it but want to keep it in your inventory list. You can mark tracked and untracked inventory items as inactive. Inventory items are marked as active by default.

About marking an item as inactive

  • Marking an item as inactive means that you can't select it on new transactions, except on repeating invoices and bills. You will still see the item on transactions you added it to if you created the transactions before you marked the item as inactive.
  • You can mark as inactive tracked inventory items which have quantities on hand.
  • Inactive items will display in your inventory items list with Inactive in the item name.

How to mark an item as inactive

  1. In the Accounts menu, select Inventory.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the item or items you want to mark as inactive.
  3. Click Mark as Inactive.
To view a list of your organisation's inactive inventory items, run the Inventory Item List report. Make sure you select Status as one of the report's filters.