Why can't I import my inventory opening balances into Xero?

If you get an error message when you try to import inventory opening balances into Xero, there are several things you can check.

Are you trying to import opening balances for more than 4000 items?

You can import opening balances for up to 4000 tracked inventory items. If you have more than 4000 items, you can add opening balances for the extra items using inventory adjustments. You may also want to consider using one of Xero's connected apps for inventory.

Enter an 'increase quantity' inventory adjustment

App marketplace (xero.com website)

Check your import file

Xero won't import the file if there is something wrong with the structure of your file, for example, missing or incorrectly labelled columns, missing header row or incorrect format.

Rules for entering opening balances into the template

Tips for making opening balance entry into the template easier

Find the incorrect line in your import file

If you used Microsoft Excel to create your file, use the row numbers given in the list of errors to identify the rows on your CSV file which need to be fixed.

Complete the import

Once you've fixed the errors, save the template file and complete the import.

Import your inventory item file