Convert untracked items to tracked items in inventory

You can convert an untracked item to a tracked item. You would do this if you want to start recording the item's quantity and value on hand. Once you've converted the item, enter the opening balance so Xero can keep an accurate record of your holdings.

Xero starts tracking the item after it's been converted. You cannot backdate tracking.

Learn about tracked inventory items:

Tracked inventory

If you're not sure whether tracked inventory items are right for your organisation, check out Xero's inventory options.

Options for managing inventory in Xero

You can convert a tracked item to an untracked item in some situations.

Troubleshooting for inventory

Points to note about converting untracked items to tracked items

Once you convert an untracked item to a tracked item, you can only reverse the conversion in some situations

You can only reverse the conversion if you haven't either:

  • Used the tracked item in a transaction
  • Made an adjustment to the tracked item

Be sure that you want to start tracking the item before you convert it.

Troubleshooting for inventory

You cannot convert an untracked item which has been used on a repeating invoice or repeating bill

You can remove the inventory item from the repeating transaction first, then convert it. Delete the item from the repeating transaction, convert the item to a tracked item, then reenter the item on the repeating transaction.

Create or edit a repeating invoice or bill

You'll need to ensure that you mark invoices and bills as approved so that inventory records are updated

Xero updates quantities and values of tracked inventory items when you mark invoices and bills as approved.

Approve invoice fields

Approve bill fields

Get ready to convert your untracked item or items

Before you convert the item, enter in Xero all outstanding transactions using the item. This ensures that Xero's starting inventory quantity for this item will match your quantity on hand.

After conversion, when you enter new invoices, bills, credit notes, spend money and receive money transactions using that item, Xero will update the item's quantity and value on hand regardless of the transaction's date.

If you don't already have any tracked items, you'll need to take some setup steps first.

Getting started with tracked inventory

Convert your individual untracked item to a tracked item

After you've checked that you are set up for tracked items:

  1. Go to Accounts, then Inventory.

  2. Click anywhere on the line of the item you want to convert.

    Image showing item selected.

  3. Click Edit item.

  4. Select the checkbox I track this item.

    Image showing tracked item selection check box.

  5. Select the Inventory Asset Account to use for this item.

    Set up your inventory asset account

  6. Select and enter other information you want to display whenever you use the inventory item in transactions.

    Tips to help you enter information into inventory item fields

  7. Save.
If you already have a quantity of this item on hand, enter an opening balance for your item.

Convert multiple untracked items to tracked items at once

If you have many untracked items you want to convert to tracked items, you can do this in one go using Xero's export and import functions.

To convert multiple untracked items:

  1. Get ready to convert your untracked item or items

  2. Export your inventory items to a CSV file

  3. Open the CSV file. Delete the lines of the items you don't want to convert.

  4. Enter or update information for your inventory items you want to track.

    Enter or copy your inventory items into the template

  5. Import your inventory item file

  6. Review and confirm the inventory item import

If you already have quantities of these items on hand, enter opening balances for your items.