Export an IAF audit file (Singapore)

Prepare an IAF audit file from Xero to submit to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

Before you start

Before you export the IAF audit file, make sure you've entered:

  • UEN numbers for each contact, under Account Number.

  • The business's UEN number in Organisation Settings, under Business Registration Number.

  • The business's GST number in Financial Settings, under Tax ID Number.

  • A permit number to any relevant bills on imports. (We've added a Permit field on bills for Singapore-based organisations.)

We also recommend you use the default tax rates Xero has provided for GST in Singapore. They'll bring through the right codes to the audit file.

Export an IAF audit file

  1. In the Adviser menu, select Export.
  2. From Select product, select IRAS Audit File (IAF).
  3. Under Date range, enter the start and finish dates.
  4. Under Documents, your XML file will appear. Click Download to save the file to your computer.
The audit file will export on an accrual basis.