Edit employee details (for Xero's Pay Run feature)

Edit employee contact details including their name, email address, tax number, ordinary pay rate and bank account for use in Xero's pay run.

  1. In the Contacts menu, select Payrun Employees.
  2. Click on the name of the employee whose details you want to change.

    To ensure your contacts are searchable throughout Xero, we recommend entering the employee's name in English, or using characters from the basic Roman alphabet.

  3. Click Edit and update the employee details as needed.
  4. Click Save.

Changes to an employee's ordinary rate won't automatically update pay runs you've started to process. To apply the changes in an existing pay run, delete the pay item line by clicking the Remove payment button to the right of transaction to remove it entirely. Then re-select the pay item again in the drop-down list with the new ordinary rate.

You can also edit an employee details while using pay run by selecting the Edit Employee button to update the Employee Tax Number and Ordinary Rate.