Archive an employee contact to remove them from pay runs (for Xero's Pay Run feature)

Archive an employee contact if they are no longer an employee on your payroll so that they don't appear in future pay runs but you can still access their payment history.

Archiving an employee contact:

  • Removes them from the pay run process
  • Removes them from draft pay runs, and copied pay runs if the run being copied includes them
  • Moves their name and details from the Employees tab under Contacts to the Archived tab,
  • Has no effect on their user role, if they are both a user and an employee contact
  • Has no effect on their data continuing to show in pay run reports.
  • The archived employee will still appear on the Pay Run by Employee report with a net pay of 0.00.

Archive an employee contact

  1. In the Contacts menu, select Payrun Employees.
  2. From the list of employee contacts, select the checkbox next to the name of the employee you want to archive.
  3. Click Archive.

    Archive button in Employee Contacts list.

  4. Click Yes to confirm.

    You can restore the archived employee contact at any time so they appear as an employee in your pay run again.