Add a logo to cheques

Add your logo to cheques you print from Xero for purchases, refunds or expense claims.

Create your logo first

Create and save your logo to your computer.

Image file type

Your image file type must be one of the following:

  • JPG
  • GIF
  • PNG (non-interlaced)

Image file size

You image file size must be less than 250KB.

If your file is too large, save it as a different type or reduce the quality.

Image physical size

Your image's physical size should be no greater than 100 x 100 pixels to best fit onto the printed cheque.

For best results, resize the logo yourself using a graphics program. Otherwise, Xero will automatically scale it (in proportion) to fit into the space allowed on the cheque.

Access cheque styles and add your logo

  1. In the Settings menu, select General Settings.
  2. Under Features click Cheque Styles.
  3. Find the style you want to add your logo to.
  4. Click Upload Logo.

    Image showing the Upload logo link on the Check Styles screen.

  5. Find and select the logo you've saved to your computer.
  6. Click Upload.
  7. Select Options, then Edit.
  8. Under Check, click the box Company logo.
  9. Click Save.