Release notes: updates to Xero on 9 June 2015

Here's a summary of what we've released:

Indiana payroll tax calculations (US)

Payroll in Xero is now available to businesses in Indiana:

  • Customers can now use payroll in Xero to calculate taxes and pay employees.
    Payroll taxes and tax forms
  • Add your employees and process pay runs. All calculations are taken care of automatically.
  • Tax filing and payment obligations are listed and supported by manual forms.

Payroll overview includes a calendar

The payroll overiew now shows a calendar with your employees' birthdays, dates, holidays and all pay run payment dates.

Annual leave (NZ)

Automatically assign annual leave to new employees (NZ)

Annual leave is now automatically assigned to your employees when adding them into payroll in Xero.

Capture annual leave values taken in advance (NZ)

You can now capture any annual leave and amount paid if an employee takes leave in advance (their opening leave balance is negative). If the employee then departs the company, the total amount paid can then be recovered.

Negative leave requests available (NZ)

If an employee does not take leave after it has been approved and paid, the leave can be corrected using a negative leave request. The request reverses the leave balance and payment in a subsequent pay run.

Assign leave and enter opening leave balances for an employee

Xero AUSkey to lodge EOY payment summaries (AU)

If you don't use a tax agent for end of year payroll, you can send your payment summary report directly to the ATO. The report is sent to the ATO using the Xero AusKey with the Xero supplier details included.

Complete end of financial year payroll requirements

New permission level for partners: Practice Administrator

Practice Administrators have the same permissions as the Principal in your Xero practice, except you can have as many Practice Administrators as you like.

Practice Administrator and Principal permissions