Release notes: updates to Xero on 27 May 2015

Here's a summary of what we've released:

Payroll for businesses in Colorado

Payroll in Xero is now available to businesses in Colorado:

  • Add your employees and process pay runs. All calculations are taken care of automatically.
  • Pay your employees using direct deposit or with instant paychecks. Timesheets are included for all employees.
  • Detailed reports are available to keep track of your payroll information.
  • Employees can enter their own timesheets, and view their pay history using their own employee app.

Payroll taxes and tax forms

Support for Utah e-services

Customers in Utah can now use one-click electronic tax filing and payments from Xero:

  • View all upcoming payroll filing and payment obligations.
  • Payroll in Xero calculates relevant business days and displays the File By and Due By dates to keep you informed of key dates.

Payroll taxes and tax forms

Easier auto-super registration (AU)

The auto-super banner now includes a link taking you directly to the Online Registration Form to set up auto-super payments.

Register for automated super payments in payroll

PDF report for payroll filings (NZ)

A PDF report is available for each filing obligation for Inland Revenue. The file includes all three reports and shows what's included in each filing to be uploaded to Inland Revenue.

File salary and wage deductions with Inland Revenue