Release notes: updates to Xero on 15 January 2015

Here's a summary of what we've released:

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Electronic payroll filing and payments for CA, FL, and TX (US)

Electronically file payroll tax forms and pay payroll taxes for employees that are in California, Florida, and Texas.

Federal and state e-file, e-pay and Direct Deposit available to all payroll organisations

If you have Payroll in Xero, you can set up your organisation to e-file tax forms, e-pay payroll taxes and use Direct Deposit, all automatically from Xero.

About direct deposit in payroll
Register to e-pay federal payroll taxes and e-file federal tax forms 

Form 940, Employer's Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return available (US)

File federal payroll tax Form 940 electronically or manually using payroll in Xero. 

Payslip layout (AU)

Payslip layout has been improved and is easier to read and now supports window envelopes.