Get started with your business performance dashboard

Learn about the business performance dashboard, its graphs and who can access them.

Access from All Reports under the Reports menu. Expand the Financial reports section, then click Business Performance.

About your business performance graphs

If you have at least a couple of months' worth of transactions in Xero, you'll have a range of graphs on your business performance dashboard. They can help answer questions such as 'How much margin do I make on my sales?' or 'How easily can I pay my bills?'

Your business performance graphs are based on equations using account types from your chart of accounts. You can see the equation when you click on a graph's title.

Your accountant or bookkeeper can:

  • Let you know which graphs are most relevant for your industry.
  • Provide insight into what particular graphs mean for your business.

Image showing gross profit graph.

Image showing performance percentages.

Access your business performance graphs and view details

Monthly and weekly metrics will be complete at the end of the month or week they report on.

Users who can access your business performance dashboard

  • Anyone with the Adviser user role within your organisation. This includes your accountant or bookkeeper if they set up Xero for you, or if you've invited them into your organisation.
  • Anyone with the Standard + All Reports user role within your organisation.
  • Anyone with the Read Only user role within your organisation.

Anyone who can access your business performance dashboard can also favourite items to appear on the main dashboard for your organisation.

Extras if your accountant or bookkeeper is a Xero partner

If you see an Ask my adviser button on your business performance detail screens, you can use this to email your accountant or bookkeeper with any questions about what you're seeing. This feature is only available for clients of Xero partners.

Image showing Ask my advisor feature.