Understand the batch payment fields

If you're creating or editing a batch payment, here's some guidance on entering information into the batch payment fields. Xero helps by filling in some of the fields for you - though you can change them to suit your organisation.

Your details

Field Description
Payment Date

The date that you want the batch payment to go through.

If you're using payment schedules, it defaults to the planned payment date.

Bank Account

The account to pay the bills from. It must be in your base currency.

The account can be a bank account or an account where you have enabled payments.

If you use a non-bank account, you will only be able to export a CSV file from Xero. This file may not be in the specific format required to upload to your bank account to pay your suppliers.


The information to appear on your bank statement and the statement line in Xero. For example, if you're paying monthly bills, you could enter 'Bills Apr 16'.

Supplier details

Field Description
To, Ref, Due Date

This information comes from each bill.

If you want to change the details, you'll need to edit the bill before creating the batch payment.

Bank Account and Details

The information to appear on your supplier's bank account and bank statement:

  • Any existing bank details for the supplier are automatically entered.
  • The supplier's bank must be in your base currency for the bills to be paid.
  • If you enter a different bank account number and you have the contact bank account admin user permission, it replaces the existing one.

Due [currency]

The amount outstanding for the bill.

Payment [currency]

The amount you'll pay to the supplier for the bill. You can edit the amount, but you can't enter more than what's due or 0.00.

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