Uncoded bank statement lines

If you have the Adviser user role, you can create a list of uncoded bank statement lines.

How it works

  • Uncoded bank statement lines are lines from your bank statements that you haven't reconciled.
  • You can create a list of the statement lines and filter it by bank account and date to help you decide how to code the lines.
  • You can also export the list and work with it offline.

Generate the list of uncoded lines

  1. In the Accounts menu, select Bank Accounts.
  2. Click Uncoded Statement Lines.

    Image of the Bank Accounts screen and the Uncoded Statement Lines button.

  3. Under Bank Account, select:
    • All bank accounts in the organisation
    • A specific bank account in the organisation
    • Bulk download across all orgs if you have access to multiple organisations
  4. (Optional) If you select Bulk download across all orgs, Xero shows you a list of your organisations. Select the organisations to run the report for, then click Done.
  5. Select a date range and sort order.
  6. Click:
    • Run to update the list on the screen using the new criteria
    • Export and select select a format to download the list in
When you select the Bulk download across all orgs option, the list only shows the lines for the current organisation. You must export the list to see the lines for all of your organisations.

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