Edit a spend or receive money transaction

Edit spend or receive money direct payment transactions in the Account Transactions tab of your bank accounts. You can edit all fields on reconciled and unreconciled transactions, except the total.

Find and edit bank transactions

What you need to know

  • Any edited line amounts must add up to the same amount as the original reconciled item.
  • If the account or tracking category previously used has been deleted or archived, it will no longer be available to select.
  • If you change the account code to a Fixed Asset account, it will not automatically appear on the Draft tab in Fixed Assets as it would if you created the transaction from scratch.

    Add fixed assets through transactions in Xero

  • Take care editing the tax rate. It could impact the transaction amount or the amount of tax which could impact sales tax reports that you've already submitted to your tax authority.

Edit a transaction

  1. Find a spend or receive money transaction in the Account Transactions tab of your bank accounts.
  2. Click on the transaction to open it.
  3. Click Options and select Edit Transaction.
  4. If you want to edit a Spend Money transaction to add a cheque number, select the Pay by Cheque option instead. If the transaction has been reconciled, you'll need to unreconcile it first.
  5. Edit any of the required fields (except the total).

    Image showing edit transaction

  6. (Optional) Enter a note for this transaction.
  7. Click Update