Find a transaction and reconcile it with a matching bank statement line

Here's how to find a single invoice, bill or account transaction entered in Xero and reconcile it with a bank statement line. You'll need to do this if Xero hasn't automatically matched, or has incorrectly matched your transaction with the statement line.

The amount of the invoice, bill or transaction must match the amount of statement line you're reconciling.

  1. In the Reconcile tab, next to the bank statement line you want to reconcile, click Find & Match.

    Image of the Find & Match link on the bank rec screen.

  2. Find the transaction and select the checkbox next to it.

    To help you find the transaction, you can change the transaction order by clicking any column heading. Or search by name, invoice number or amount, reference or cheque number.

  3. Click Reconcile.

    Search for a transaction

Payments made or received via credit or charge card should be recorded as at the date of the statement line. This is inline with Inland Revenue requirements on time of supply, as this is when the credit or charge card was tendered as payment.

Not able to reconcile because your amounts don't match?

You might need to do one of the following to make up the difference: