View user activity details using the Assurance Dashboard

If you have the Adviser user role, you can view users who have access to the organisation and their activity details in the Assurance Dashboard User Activity tab.

Image of the User Activity tab.

About the User Activity tab

To access the Assurance Dashboard User Activity tab, go to Adviser, then click Assurance Dashboard.

The User Activity tab displays a list of users who have access to the organisation. For each user, it shows:

Understanding the heat map

The heat map displays user activity from left to right for the past year, ending with the current month. Each square represents a calendar day, and the squares from top to bottom represent days of the week, starting with Monday.

Blue squares highlight user activity. To view activity details, hold your mouse pointer over a blue square.

Image of activity details dialog box.

The information dialog box will display:

  • Date of activity
  • Time period
  • Items created or modified
  • Quantity of each item

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