Organisation settings

Update your organisation’s settings, including the basic information displayed in Xero, and choose what information to display on online invoices.

Your user role determines if you can access organisation settings.

Change your organisation's basic information

  1. In the Settings menu, select General Settings.
  2. Click Organisation Settings.
  3. Enter or edit the basic information and contact details.

Include organisation information in online invoices and quotes

When you choose to include organisation information in online invoices and quotes:

  • The information shows in the footer of online invoices and quotes.
  • Users in your organisation can add the information to their public user profile.

To include organisation information in online invoices and quotes:

  1. Under Include some of your information, select On.

    Image of the organiaation 'On' setting.

  2. Select the Include checkboxes of the fields you want to include.

    Image of the organiaation 'Include' checkboxes.

  3. Under Terms and Conditions, review the Xero Terms of Use and the Community Guidelines, then select the checkbox to agree to them.
  4. Click Save.

Basic information fields explained

Display name

The name you'll see in Xero.

If you're setting up a bank feed, you should use this name when asked to provide the organisation name for Xero.

Legal / Trading name (required)

The name that appears by default on:

  • Financial reports
  • Your outgoing invoices and quotes
  • Batch deposit summary
  • Invoices sent using Xero to Xero

Either name can be up to 225 characters in length. The display name is truncated if it doesn't fit on the dashboard or in the top navigation bar of every Xero screen. In reports, the organisation name always shows in full, no matter how long it is.

Changing this name updates any new reports you save or publish. Older style published and draft reports retain the original legal/trading name.


Your logo that shows with your profile in the Xero business directory.

The logo file size must be less than 1MB. If your file is too large, you can resize the logo using a graphics program. For best results, upload the largest logo you have, at least 140 pixels on its shortest side.

The logo also shows on PDF and online version of invoices, quotes and other documents using your standard branding theme. Unselect the checkbox Use this logo in my invoices if you don't want your logo in your standard branding theme. You can also add your logo to transactions directly.

What is your line of business?

Enter a specific description of what your organisation does. This field automatically suggests descriptions as you begin typing, based on what others have entered. If none of the suggestions apply to you, just enter your own unique description.

Organisation type (required)

Your organisation's legal structure. If none of the options match your organisation's legal structure exactly, just select the closest one.

Australian Business Number (ABN) and Branch (if applicable)

Enter your 11-digit ABN number if you are registered with the Australian Business Register (ABR), and your branch (if applicable). The number displays on your customer invoices and quotes if you choose this setting as part of your PDF branding theme. If you edit this number, all PDFs generated from now on show the updated number.

Organisation description

This text shows in the footer of your online invoices and quotes, if you select to make it public.

Contact details fields explained

Postal address

(Optional) Your postal address shows on invoices and quotes using a standard branding theme, whether you select it or not.

You can change your contact address details on transactions or remove registered office address from transactions.

If you leave the postal address blank, nothing displays in an invoice or quote footer (except if you provide the ABN).

Physical address

If you enter a physical address here, you can use DOCX templates to display it on invoices and quotes. If it's geocoded, you can display a map link to your premises in online invoices.


If you use payroll in Xero to lodge the Tax file number (TFN) declaration, the phone and fax numbers you enter here are included in the file you send to the ATO.

Add contact field

(Optional) Use this to add fields to your profile.

If you use payroll in Xero to lodge the Tax file number (TFN) declaration, the phone and fax numbers you enter here are included in the file you send to the ATO.