Troubleshooting Xero for Android

If you're having trouble using Xero for Android, use this troubleshooting page to find quick answers to your questions.

How can I restrict what my employees can view?

You can restrict what your employee can see by giving them limited user access.

For example, if your employee needs to submit expense claims but you don't want them to see your organisation's financial information, you can give them the Invoice only + Draft only user role.

Business user role access in the mobile apps

How do I switch organisations?

  1. Tap the arrow next to your organisation name.
  2. Tap the organisation you'd like to switch to.

How do I check my last login?

  1. On the Dashboard, tap the menu icon Image of the More menu icon in Xero for Android.
  2. Tap Settings.

Check the time, date and location of your last login. If you notice anything suspicious, contact Xero Support.

Keep track of your login history

Can I view all of my account transactions in Xero for Android?

You can view new transactions that need to be reconciled and your most recently imported statement (either by bank feed or by manual import) in the app.

If you need to view older statements or drill down to see transaction details, you'll need to log in to Xero using your web browser.

How do I approve an expense claim?

To approve an employee's expense claim, you'll need to log in to Xero using your web browser to approve the reimbursement.