Create and submit a new expense in Android

If you have submitter status in Xero Expenses, you can capture, create, view, edit and submit your expenses using your Android device.

Access to the new Xero Expenses feature is currently restricted to a selection of businesses in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and USA. It'll be more widely available soon.

Before you start

Capture an expense and submit it for approval

  1. From the Dashboard, tap Image of the create new expense claim icon. to create a new expense claim.
  2. Complete the What was it for?, Spent at, Spent today and Account fields.
  3. To attach a receipt, tap Take a photo or upload one from a Photo library on your device or online.

    Sometimes it can take a few minutes to upload and process receipt details after you have captured the image. If you're in a rush, tap Fill it out myself to enter the details.

  4. Enter a Total incl. tax. Accept the standard rate such as 15% GST on Expenses, or adjust to exclude tax.
  5. Tap Image of the icon to save or submit. and select either Save to add the expense claim as a draft, or Submit to send it to your approver.

To delete the draft while you are creating it, or after you have saved it, tap the menu icon Image of the menu icon., then tap Delete.

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