See an overview of your practice

Know where your practice stands at a glance. Check your partner status, learn what you need to do to move to the next level, and see how many of your staff are Xero Certified. Get quick access to information and resources to help your practice grow.

To see an overview of your practice, go to Practice and select Overview.

Partner level summary

Image showing the partner level summary in the Practice Overview of Xero HQ

Your current partner status

The progress bar shows the number of partner points you’ve earned and the number of points you need to reach the next level ( website).

Your champion status

If you are:

  • Not yet a champion, see how many partner points in total you need to make it to champion at the end of the current month
  • Already a champion, see the minimum number of partner points you need to earn and the additional certified staff you need to add in the current month to stay a champion

As a Xero champion practice, you’ll unlock an added layer of benefits ( website). Download the summary of the partner program benefits (PDF, 1.17mB).

The points breakdown

Image showing the Your partner points breakdown section in the Practice Overview of Xero HQ

You need the Administrator or Master administrator Xero HQ user role to see the points breakdown.

The points breakdown shows where your points came from. Each advisor invitation you accept, and each client you subscribe to Xero Business, Xero Cashbook, Xero Ledger or Xero payroll, earns points.

If you don’t have any clients on Xero, you’ll be prompted to add some.

When you add a new organisation it may take several minutes before your partner points change.


Image showing the Certification section in the Practice Overview of Xero HQ

The certification section shows how many of your staff are Xero advisor certified, Xero migration certified or Xero payroll certified, and when your practice certification expires. If your practice isn’t certified, you can get started (Xero U).

Partner resources

Image showing the Partner resources section in the Practice Overview of Xero HQ

The Partner resources section gives you quick access to a variety of resources to help your practice grow with Xero.