Troubleshooting the activity feed

Some common questions you might have about the activity feed and how to resolve them.

Why is an activity feed or alert missing from my Activity tab?

There are several reason that you might not see a particular feed or alert:

  • There may not be any alerts of that type at the moment. If not, Xero HQ hides the feed rather than showing a value of 0 (zero).
  • You may have turned off that type of alert, either for a single client or for all clients, or turned off all alerts of any type for a client. Check under System alerts in Settings to verify and turn the alert on again.
  • If the alert hasn't been turned off then you may have deleted it. Deleted alerts cannot be restored.
  • Alerts are only shown for Activity statements for statements due after the last published statement. We recommend preparing Activity statements from oldest to newest.
  • Activity statement alerts are not shown for client organisations using the Simpler BAS reporting method.
  • You won't see alerts from Xero apps, such as bank alerts and Workpapers alerts, that were generated before you were added to the practice. However, you may see backdated alerts from connected apps.

Will the changes I make to my activity feed affect my coworkers' feeds?

Any changes you make to your activity feed, such as turning off a feed or deleting an alert, only affect you.

Why don't I see alerts for invited organisations?

The Activity feed only shows alerts for clients of your practice. If you want to see alerts for your invited organisations, you can add them to your practice.