Redeem a promo code after purchasing a Xero subscription

If you've bought a Xero subscription in the last 31 days, you can redeem a valid promo code by adding it in My Xero. We'll apply the discount to your next Xero subscription bill.

How it works

  • Only one promo code can be added for an organisation. If it's still valid, you can redeem it up to or on 31 days after the purchase of the subscription.
  • The code must have been valid on the date that you purchased the subscription. You can't apply a code that wasn't valid on the date of purchase. You also can't apply a promo code if it's already been redeemed or has expired.
  • The code can be applied by the subscriber for the Xero organisation, by a Practice Administrator, or by practice staff with access to billing accounts.

Add a promo code

  1. From the header, click the list icon Image showing the list icon, then select My Xero.
  2. Find the organisation you want to redeem the promo code for and click the Info link.

    Image of the My Xero screen's Info link.

  3. Click Options, then select Redeem promocode.

    Image showing the redeem promo code link in My Xero.

  4. Enter the promo code, then click Add Code.

    Image showing the window to add a promo code.