The Simpler Business Activity Statement

Learn how to run your activity statement in Xero using the Simpler BAS reporting method. You’ll need the Adviser or Standard + All Reports user role to access the activity statement.

From August 2017, we’ll ask you to select the Simpler BAS or Full BAS method the next time you open your activity statement. Talk to your accountant or bookkeeper if you're unsure what settings you need to be using.

This page explains how to complete your activity statement using the Simpler BAS reporting method. See this page for completing the activity statement using Full BAS, if you use that method instead.

About your Simpler BAS

The activity statement that Xero generates for the ATO is based on your PAYGW and GST reporting frequency. Depending on your settings, your activity statement may contain any of the following:

The tax components that make up any activity statement are listed below the date.

Labels on activitiy statement showing showing tax components

If a component is missing, check your BAS settings.

Open your activity statement

  1. In the Reports menu, click All Reports.
  2. Under Tax, select Activity Statement.
  3. If prompted to, confirm your Activity Statement Reporting Method is Simpler BAS. If you’re running the activity statement for the first time, you’ll be asked to confirm your BAS settings before the activity statement opens.
  4. Click the date heading to select the reporting period you want. If you haven't saved or finalised an activity statement yet, click Select reporting period to choose your activity statement.

Xero displays the next period after the last finalised activity statement. To view a different activity statement, click the date heading and select the period you want. The status of the activity statement displays in the drop menu beside the statement period.

Click date and view activity statement statuses in drop menu

Save a draft of your activity statement

You can save your activity statement as a draft at any time. If you’re not ready to finalise your activity statement, you can save manual amounts entered by clicking Save as draft.

You access saved and finalised activity statements in Simpler BAS only. You won't find them in the Reports screen. Click the date header in Simpler BAS to select and view a saved or finalised activity statement.

Finalise your activity statement

Once you’ve reviewed the things to check when completing your activity statement, you can finalise it by clicking Finalise.

Cursor clicking the Finalise button

This locks the statement ready for you to lodge with the ATO. Subsequent additions or changes made to transactions in the activity statement period won't be reflected in the finalised activity statement.

Lodge your activity statement with the ATO

  1. Lodge your activity statement using the best method for you:
    • Copy your activity statement values to the paper report sent to you by the ATO. Then return it to them by post.
    • Use the ATO Business Portal (ATO website).
  2. Set a lock date to prevent further changes and close the period. You'll need the Adviser user role to do this.

Revise a finalised activity statement

You may need to do this if you find additional transactions to process, or make any changes to transactions in the period. Export your activity statement before you delete it if you want to keep a record of it.

You'll need to consider the ATO's guidelines for changing an activity statement that's already lodged before revising it in Xero. Talk to your accountant or bookkeeper if you’re not sure.
  1. On the Reports menu, click All Reports.
  2. Under Tax select Activity Statement.
  3. Click the date and select the activity statement you wish to revise.

    Click date and select finalised activity statement from drop menu

  4. Click Delete.
  5. Click Confirm.

Xero resets the activity statement for the period. Remove any lock date that have been set for the period if you need to make changes to transactions. When you’re ready, you can finalise this activity statement and lodge with the ATO.

Export an activity statement

Click Export to export your activity statement in Microsoft Excel or PDF format.