Delete comparative balances

You can delete comparative balances if you've added them in error or no longer need them. After you've deleted the comparative balances you'll need to re-save your conversion balances.

About deleting comparative balances

  • If you've set a lock date, you'll need to remove this before you can delete comparative balances. You need to have the Adviser user role to remove a lock date.
  • If you've set up more than one year of comparative balances, you'll need to delete them in order with the oldest year first.
  • You can only delete saved comparative balances. If you don't see the delete button for your comparative balances, save them and try again.

Delete your comparative balances

  1. Click Settings, then General Settings, then select Conversion Balances.

  2. Click the tab for the comparative balance period. If you have more than one comparative period, start with the oldest period on the far right.

    Image showing comparative balances entered in settings.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the list of balances and click Delete.

    Image showing delete button for comparative balances.

  4. On the conversion balances tab (the tab on the left), scroll to the bottom of the list of balances and click Save.

    Image showing save button for comparative balances.

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