Activity statement settings and reporting W1 and W2 amounts

If you use payroll in Xero and you've set up pay items to report at W1 on your activity statement, Xero can automatically populate the W1 and W2 amounts for you.

How Xero populates the W1 & W2 amounts

Xero uses your activity statement settings for GST and PAYG withheld (PAYGW) to populate the W1 and W2 fields. You can enter manual amounts and overwrite the fields if needed.

If you've already entered manual amounts into an activity statement and saved a draft, you'll need to delete that draft before Xero can populate the W1 and W2 amounts.

Delete a draft report

 PAYGW monthlyPAYGW quarterlyPAYGW none
GST monthlyUpdates from payrollDefaults to 0NA
GST quarterlyUpdates from payrollUpdates from payrollNA
GST annuallyDefaults to 0Defaults to 0NA
GST noneUpdates from payrollDefaults to 0NA