GST Audit Report

The GST Audit Report shows transactions for your organisation for the reporting period. This report is one of the reports making up the Activity Statement. Xero creates it at the same time - you can't run it separately.

Access the GST Audit Report

When you run your BAS or Instalment Activity Statement (IAS), click the GST Audit Report tab to see the report.

If you change the dates for this report, the dates of the BAS and GST Calculation Worksheet will also change.

Image showing GST Audit Report tab on BAS.

Review transactions

Click Wide view at the top of the report to display all columns on the report. You may need to scroll across to view some columns.

Image showing wide view link.

Xero groups transactions according to their tax rate. Review the transactions to confirm they're using the correct tax rate. Right click on a transaction's account or reference to open the transaction in a new tab and see the details.

Image showing GST Worksheet Transactions

  • Xero includes transactions on the cash or accruals basis, according to your selected GST accounting method.
  • Invoices and bills must be approved and expense claims must be authorised, to be included in this report.

The report totals carry through to the GST Calculation Worksheet (if one is included based on your activity statement settings). The figures appear in the GST Calculation Worksheet according to their tax type.

Export, save and publish with the BAS or IAS

When you export, save or publish the GST Audit Report, Xero includes all reports in the BAS or IAS.

Review and publish the BAS

Review and publish the IAS