Give a report template a name and description for staff use

Change the name or description of a report template to better identify it within your practice.

Report templates are now located in Xero HQ, you can still access them via the Reports tab in either My Xero Partner Edition or Xero HQ. For more details about Xero HQ and how to switch from Xero HQ to My Xero Partner Edition see Frequently asked questions about Xero HQ.
  1. In the header, click the list icon Image showing the List icon..
  2. If you have opted into Xero HQ, select Xero HQ. Otherwise select My Xero.
  3. Go to Reports.
  4. Open the existing report template.
  5. Click Options, then select Rename Template.
  6. Enter an internal name and description.
  7. Click Update.