Run the Receivable Invoice Summary report (New)

Run the Receivable Invoice Summary to view or export a summary of all invoices, credit notes, overpayments and prepayments from Sales in a given period.

The Receivable Invoice Summary is the new version of the Customer Invoice Report you might be familiar with. You can continue to use the old report if you wish.

Run the Receivable Invoice Summary

  1. In the Reports menu, select All Reports.
  2. Under Sales, click ... to expand the section if the report is hidden.
  3. Click Receivable Invoice Summary (New).
  4. Choose a time frame or select a date, then click Update to view your report.

The report includes all invoices by default, including any deleted and voided invoices. You can apply filters to exclude these or group the report by status so they have separate totals.

You can save the report as a custom report and set it as the default view so that the settings will automatically apply the next time you run the report.

Customise your report

Click Report Settings to customise your report.

Image of the Report Settings link.

Report Settings options

Date SearchChoose the type of date you would like to search by.
Expected Date columnThe expected date entered on the Sales screen, or due date, if you haven't entered one.
Invoice SeenWhether your contact has viewed the invoice. (Only applies if you've sent an online invoice.) This applies for all time, not just within the date range of the report.
Invoice SentWhether your invoice was emailed from within Xero. This applies for all time, not just within the date range of the report.
Payments/Credits columnAll payments and credit allocations. When you've applied a prepayment to an invoice, it will appear in this column even if your report doesn't include prepayments individually.
Realised Gains columnThe gain or loss realised when you apply payment to a foreign currency invoice.
Unrealised Gains columnThe unrealised gain or loss associated with a foreign currency invoice. This doesn't apply to draft invoices.