Pool Detail Report

The Pool Detail report shows the transaction details in a fixed asset pool for a financial year and a running balance.

About the Pool Detail report

  • The report shows transactions for a single financial year. If you select a date other than a financial year-end, the report still shows the transactions for the full year the selected date falls in.
  • Transactions are ordered by date, in ascending order. Although you can sort by other columns, we recommend leaving the transactions sorted by date so the pool balance column remains accurate.
  • To see how the opening balance has been calculated, run the report for the previous year.
  • The report will only show transaction details from your tax reporting start date onwards. To see any earlier transactions you can view the pool's History & Notes.

Access and run the Pool Detail report

  1. On the Reports menu, click All Reports.
  2. Under Fixed Assets, click Pool Detail. Expand the section if the report is hidden by clicking the expand icon.
  3. In the Pool field, select the pool you want to run the report for.
  4. Select a date, then click Update to view your report.

Figures are reported with decimals showing. To show whole numbers, click Report Settings and clear the Show decimals box.

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