Why is there an unfiled amount on the GST Reconciliation report?

You might see an unfiled amount in your GST Reconciliation report for these reasons.

Rounding difference

The Filed amount on the GST Reconcilation report comes from 1A and 1B in the BAS. As whole dollars are reported to the ATO, there may be a small rounding difference between this amount and the actual GST entered for the period.

These differences always show as unfiled amounts on the GST Reconcilation report. They don’t clear if you post a manual journal. You can manually edit the GST Reconciliation report to clear the unfiled amount but this won't adjust the GST account balance. The edited figures will only appear on the published GST Reconciliation report.

If there's a large difference, check the period's transactions in the GST Audit Report.

Transactions entered or edited in a GST period after the BAS was published in Xero

Any transactions entered or edited in Xero for a GST period where the BAS is already published aren't automatically included in the next period's BAS.

You'll need to consider the ATO's guidelines for changing a BAS that's already lodged before choosing which option to use in Xero. Talk to your accountant or bookkeeper if you’re not sure.

Option 1 - Reverse and re-enter the transaction

Reverse the transaction or changes made in the prior GST period, and enter the correction or transaction in the current GST period.

You can re-run the BAS and compare the new GST Audit Report to the published report to identify which transactions are new or have changed.

Option 2 - Re-lodge the BAS

Re-run and publish the BAS for the period the changes occurred in. Then lodge an amended BAS with the ATO.

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