Reconcile a foreign currency payment with a base currency invoice or bill

Reconcile a statement line imported into a foreign currency bank account with a base currency invoice or bill entered in Xero.

    In this example, we've received a payment into our EUR foreign currency bank account. The currency of the invoice entered in Xero is NZD (which is also our base currency).
  1. In the Reconcile tab, next to the bank statement line you want to reconcile, click Find & Match.

    Image of the find & match link in the bank reconcilation screen.

  2. Clear the Show [currency] items only checkbox.

    Doing this displays invoices or bills in both the currency of the bank account you're reconciling and your base currency.

    Image showing the show EUR checkbox in the bank reconcilation screen.

  3. Find the base currency invoice or bill you've entered in Xero and select the checkbox next to it.

    To help you find the transaction, you can change the transaction order by clicking any column heading. Or search by name, invoice number or amount, reference or cheque number.

    Image showing a selected bank transactions.

  4. (Optional) If your payment included a foreign currency related bank fee, click Adjustments, then Bank Fee to add the details.
  5. Click Reconcile.