Timesheet Details report

The Timesheet Details report shows earnings rate transactions processed through timesheets within your chosen date range, including the applicable tracking category. Use it to reconcile payroll transactions within tracking categories, or to review hours worked by each employee.

Run the report

  1. Go to Reports, then click All Reports.
  2. Under Payroll, click ... to expand the section if the report is hidden.
  3. Click Timesheet Details.
  4. From Employees, select whether to show all employees, a specific employee, or a group.
  5. From Date Range, select a period or specific date range to report on.
    Include a specific pay run in a report
  6. From Earnings Rate, select whether to show all earnings rates, or a specific one.
  7. From Tracking Category, select whether to show all tracking categories, or a specific one.
  8. Click Update to run the report.

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