Superannuation Accrual report

The Superannuation Accrual report shows all superannuation accruals by pay period within a specified date range. You can use it when you're preparing and reconciling super payments, or when you need to provide your super fund with contribution details. The Superannuation Accrual report will help you identify all super accruals for each super fund by pay period.

  1. In the Reports menu, select All Reports.
  2. From the Payroll Reports section, select Superannuation Accruals.
  3. From Employees, select whether to show all employees, a specific employee, or a group.
  4. From Date Range, select a period or specific date range to report on.
  5. From Contribution Type, select a contribution type or leave it blank to report on all contribution types.
  6. From Super Fund, select a super fund or leave it blank to report on all super funds.
  7. Click Update to run the report.

    If you are registered with our third-party clearing house, you will also see a Paid Status column. This shows contributions that have been paid to the super fund and also if contributions have been 'Marked as Paid'.