Process super payments manually

If your business doesn't use automated super, you can process superannuation payments by taking the following steps.

Run a superannuation accrual report

To identify the amount of superannuation you need to pay for your employees, you should run a Superannuation Accrual report. This report will list the accruals for each super fund and include details of each employee's contributions.

Arrange payments for each super fund

Next, you need to arrange payments for each applicable super fund and provide details of the employees' contributions. Contact the applicable super fund if you're not sure how to do this, or where to send contributions and details.

Reconcile super payments

A super accrual amount is included within your payroll bill, allocated to your super payables account.

After you have made your super payments, you will have spent items showing on your bank statement. Rather than reconciling to a bill, allocate the payments directly to your payables account, which will reduce the balance outstanding.

  1. Go to the Dashboard.
  2. Find the bank account your super payments went out of and click Reconcile Items.
  3. Find the statement line for your super payment.
  4. On the Create tab on the right hand side:
    • Enter a payment name (for example, Super payment).
    • Select your superannuation payable account.
    • Add a description.
  5. Click OK to reconcile.