Set up rostered days off (RDOs) and time off in lieu (TOIL)

Set up RDOs and TOIL by adding them as custom leave pay items. Once added, process these days using a leave request so the leave balance reduces by the amount taken.

To find out more about RDOs for your employees' award, visit rostered days off (Fair Work Ombudsman); and for TOIL visit overtime pay (Fair Work Ombudsman).

Step 1: Create the RDO or TOIL pay item

  1. Create a custom leave pay item and select Paid Leave.
  2. Complete all fields, and click Add.

Step 2: Assign pay item to employee and add accrual method

  1. In the Payroll menu, select Employees.
  2. Click the employee you want to assign a leave type to.
  3. Click the Leave tab.
  4. Click Assign Leave Type.
  5. Complete the fields:
    • Leave - select the pay item created in Step 1: Create the RDO or TOIL pay item.
    • Leave Calculation Method - select the desired calculation method.
      • Fixed Amount Each Period – The total number of hours the employee can accrue each pay period, based on their annual entitlement (Hours Accrued Annually). You can also set the accrual amount to 0 and adjust the entitlement as you process each pay.
      • Manually Recorded Rate – The total number of hours the employee accrues each pay period.

Step 3: Submit leave request

TOIL and RDOs must be processed via a leave request, so the leave balance is reduced by the number of hours taken.

  1. Submit an employee's leave request or get the employee to request leave using My Payroll.
  2. Process the pay run as usual.

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