Entering information in timesheets

Certain rules must be used when entering information into timesheets so they calculate correctly.

Keyboard keys

  • The Tab key, and the Up and Down arrow keys move your cursor through the fields row by row. Your information is saved automatically.

Numbers and characters

  • You can only enter numbers. If you enter characters, your entry resets to 0:00.
  • You can't enter more than five numbers.

Number formatting

  • Entries are treated as hours (HH) unless you add a colon.
  • When you add a colon, your entry converts to hours and minutes (HH:MM).
  • You must enter a number before a colon otherwise, your entry resets to 0:00. For example, :30 or :8 reset to 0:00.
  • Numbers greater than 24 reset to 24:00.

    You’re warned if a day's total is over 24 hours, but you can save your entry.

  • If you don't enter anything, Xero uses 0:00.