Add a regulated super fund

Add the regulated super fund you use to pay into employee retirement so you can add it to your employees in Xero.

  1. In the Settings menu, select General Settings.
  2. Under Features, click Payroll Settings.
  3. Click the Superannuation tab.
  4. Click Add Superannuation Fund.
  5. From Type, select Regulated Superannuation Fund.
  6. From Name, start typing the fund name or USI and select the fund from the list that appears.
  7. If you have an employer number, enter it in the Employer Number field.
  8. Click Save.
If the fund you're looking for isn't there, click the Contact Xero Support button at the bottom of this page to let us know. Please provide the USI and ABN information for the fund so we can confirm the details.

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